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Slim-U Chitosan Diet Tablets - Each pot contains 60 tablets

Slim-U Chitosan

Slim-U Chitosan
Chitosan is derived from chitin, typically obtained from the shells of crustaceans such as crab, lobster and shrimp.

Suggested use: As a dietary supplement take 2-4 tablets before lunch and dinner, to be taken with a large glass of water 240ml (8fl oz).

Chitosan, a polymer of glucosamine and N-acetylglucosamine, was discovered in the late 19th century by Professor C. Rouget. However, it was not until the 1970s that Dr. Ivan Furda, Ph.D. determined its fat-absorbing effects and potential as a weight loss aid. During a process called deacetylation, a charged amide group is formed, thus giving chitosan a unique molecular structure. As a result it is the only known positively-charged dietary fiber with the ability to bind fat and bile salts and pass them out of the body safely, without the unpleasant side effects associated with various OTC and pharma fat blockers.

Since its discovery in the 1970s, chitosan has been the focus of increased scientific inquiry. These reviews have uncovered additional benefits and applications beyond weight management. In fact, scientific inquiries have expanded chitosan's potential to include use as:

  1. an anti-acid

  2. Slim-U Chitosan
  3. an anti-uricemic

  4. an anti-osteoporotic

  5. an anti-metastatic

  6. an anti-bacterial agent

  7. an aid in wound healing

  8. an aid in lowering cholesterol

How does weight loss happen using Slim-U Chitosan?
The human body is very good at conserving energy by slowing down cellular metabolism, so even at low calorie intake, some people will not lose weight. So, how can chitosan help with weight loss? It can help by decreasing the amount of kcal we get by inhibiting some dietary fat absorption. This is because fat provides approximately 9 kcal for every gram of fat eaten, and carbohydrates provide only 4 kcal per gram of carbohydrate eaten; so, when you consume chitosan, it binds to the fat and both get expelled from the body. Thus, you decrease your intake of calories from fat. Decrease enough calories, and you can begin to lose weight. Remember, it takes 3500 kcal 'extra' from what you need (or 389 g. fat) to equal one pound of body fat, you have to decrease your kcal by that amount to lose weight. It will not happen over night! Typically, losing about one pound per week is what nutritionists recommend. That way, you are more likely to lose your stored fat and not water.

Each Slim-U Tablet Supplies:
Chitosan 250mg
Microcrystalline cellulose 70mg
Stearic acid 9mg
Vitamin C 5mg

Slim-U Chitosan Safety & Precautions.

You are advised to see your doctor before beginning any weight-loss program. Anyone in good health can follow this program. A healthy eating diet is essential in any weight loss program, some ideas can be found HERE

However, pregnant women, patients under a doctor's care for a serious health problem or taking medication prescribed by a doctor for a serious health problem, should not follow this weight-loss program, without at least the authorisation and/or supervision of their doctor.

Keep out of reach of children.

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