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Detox Foot Pads

Simply apply one pad on each foot every day in this 5-Day Course.
Pack contains 10 Detox Foot Pads and 10 Adhesive Sheets.

We absorb toxins everyday through food, drink and pollution. A toxin build-up can upset the body's natural balance, and lead to problems with digestion and metabolism. The Body Defining Detox harnesses powerful natural ingredients, including Tree Sap, Bamboo Vinegar, Mushroom and Tourmaline and uses the principles of foot reflexology.

Wood Vinegars
Researchers that the tree sap or wood vinegar of some trees possess a detox function. During numerous experiments conducted on the potential value of Pyroligneous acid, it was found that the wood vinegar had great absorbing power, and that the wood vinegar of certain trees was capable of helping absorb toxins released through the skin.

The pads contain wood vinegar from Eucalyptus, Bamboo & Oak treep sap. The dried sap from these trees is believed to absorb toxins through the skin and has detoxing and sterilising properties.

Tourmaline is a natural mineral found in Brazil. It emits negative ions and Far Infrared Rays (FIR). It improves circulation, relieves stress, increases mental alertness and strengthens the body's immune system. Tourmaline is used in the footpads to stimulate the sole's reflex points, and the effects are similar to those of foot reflexology massage.

Agaricus Mushroom
Harvested in Brazilian Jungles, the Agaricus Mushroom is rich in polysaccharide compounds, which assist in boosting the immune system. Polysaccharides (glucans) are large, complex branched, chain-like molecules built from many smaller units of sugar molecules. Research has found that the two principal polysaccharide compounds that exist in this mushroom are Beta Glucans.

Beta Glucan is a natural compound that triggers an immune response in the body, which builds a better system of defence against viral, bacterial and parasitic invaders. It enhances macrophage activity - macrophage ingest bacteria and cell debris.

Scientists have conducted studies that showed the Agaricus mushroom to be an immune system stimulant, which can fight some forms of cancer by preventing the proliferation of alien cells.

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