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Derma Diet Patch (1 month supply)

Dermalife Diet Patch

Speed Up Metabolism & Burn Up Fat
Contains 14 x 2 Day Patches

The New Improved Derma Diet Patch with it's gentle, but much improved adhesive is a two-day patch, with a higher concentrate of Fucus. Based on the same technology that has been proven to help millions of people overcome nicotine addiction and control heart problems. In a similar way, active ingredients in the Derma Diet Patch are in direct contact with the skin with the aim of assisting weight-loss. The ingredients within the Derma Diet Patch safely stimulates the thyroid gland, thereby increasing the body's metabolic rate, which increases energy and speeds up calorie consumption.

  1. Cutting-edge slimming technology.
  2. Natural, simple and discreet method of losing weight.
  3. Safely burns fat without missing meals, simulating food intake reduction.
  4. No vital food groups eliminated.


1. Fucus Derma Patch Actives.

Fucus Vesiculosus: or bladderwrack - a brown seaweed from the Atlantic coast. The plant consists of a flat, branched thallus or frond with bladder-like vesicles and a lower stalk with a disk shaped base which attaches to rocks. The part used is the entire thallus, cut from the stalk and dried as rapidly as possible after harvesting. Powdered material or dried aqueous extracts are widely used in medicinal preparations. Fucus contains a wide range of extracts of which iodine is the most important in a medicinal context. Each patch contains 12mg Fucus.

2. Usage Instructions.

Ensure skin is clean, dry and free of excess hair. Apply one Derma Patch on arm, hip, thigh, back or shoulder. Replace with a new patch every 48 hours and apply in a new position each time. External use only. To remove from skin with minimal effort, first soak in tepid water and peel gently as with a band-aid.

3. Safety & Precautions.

You are advised to see your doctor before beginning any weight-loss program. Anyone in good health can follow this program. A healthy eating diet is essential in any weight loss program, some ideas can be found HERE

However, pregnant women, patients under a doctor's care for a serious health problem or taking medication prescribed by a doctor for a serious health problem, people suffering from diebetes, or from serious heart or thyroid problems, those allergic to glucose and people suffering from hypoglycemia, should not follow this weight-loss program, without at least the authorisation and/or supervision of their doctor.

Keep out of reach of children.

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